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Dr. Page’s scientific articles, the number of times that each article has been cited by other professionals, the year that each article was published, and other details.

Selected Articles by Dr. Page:

Efficacy of Myoelectric Bracing in Moderately Impaired Stroke. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine; 2020.

Making Stroke Centers Truly Comprehensive: A Neurorehabilitation Perspective. Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation; 2019.

Classification of Mild Stroke: A Mapping Review. PM&R; 2019.

Interpreting Action Research Arm Test Assessment Scores to Plan Treatment. Occupational Therapy Journal of Research; 2019.

Visual-Motor Control of Drop Landing After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. Journal of Athletic Training; 2018.

Ohio Modified Arm–Motor Ability Test (OMAAT): An Optimized Measure of Upper Extremity Functional Limitation in Hemiparetic Stroke. American Journal of Occupational Therapy; 2018.

Selected presentations by Dr. Page

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Other Media

Listen to a February, 2020 podcast on modified constraint-induced therapy, featuring Dr. Page.

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