Thanks for visiting my website! I’m especially appreciative if you have attended or viewed one of my courses, or if you have read my work.

By training, I'm an exercise scientist and an occupational therapist. I also obtained a PhD in motor learning and control (i.e., how people learn or relearn motor skills), and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at The Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation; the nation’s #2-ranked rehabilitation hospital. In all, I have been involved in aspects of biomedical communications, research, patient care, and education for almost 25 years.

Biomedical Research and Writing

My goal is to improve care and care delivery for people with stroke and other neurological deficits.

In pursuit of this goal:

  • I've developed many “firsts” in neurorehabilitation, including novel clinical treatments and assessments that are now used internationally.
  • I’ve published my original work in >130 journals, resulting in me being the most impactful scholar in my field.
  • I have written, reviewed, and edited > 800 grant proposals, scientific manuscripts, scientific abstracts, texts, and other edited works.
  • In recognition of my work and efforts, I have been named a "fellow" of four international organizations, and have earned > 40 awards in recognition of my research, scientific findings, and work.


I especially enjoy assisting and mentoring other clinicians and scientists who wish to communicate their findings and thoughts through grants, manuscripts, infographics, and other methods. Learn more about how I can assist you here.

Teaching and Mentoring

It's especially important to me that the most promising treatments be taught to busy clinicians, so that these interventions can be applied to patients.

Therefore, since 2005, I have developed live and online educational resources that have been attended/viewed by over 15,000 health professionals, worldwide. For instance:

  • You can learn about the widely-known Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist continuing education series here;
  • You can learn about the post-graduate certificate for therapists interested in the neurologic upper extremity that I developed here.
  • I've chaired 7 national and international conferences, including two annual conferences of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, and 3 international workshops of the American Society of Neurorehabilitation.


Finally, I mentor and teach the “next generation” of clinicians. My graduate and clinical mentees  - several hundred in all - have published many papers and won multiple awards for their work.

My Education

The College of Wooster

Bachelor of Arts

The National Institute for Fitness and Sport


Ball State University

Master’s of Science

The University of Findlay

Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy

The University of Tennessee


The Kessler Institute of Rehabilitation

Post Doctoral Fellowship