Rehabilitation Clinician, Scholar,
Educator, Entrepreneur, Consultant

Over Two Decades
of Scientific Innovation

For over 20 years, I have developed and tested approaches to improve and measure movement after stroke and other neurological disorders.  Many of these approaches are now used internationally.

Clinician, Student,
and Consumer Educator

I'm passionate about translating research findings to students and clinicians for immediate, effective, clinical use.

I also "live my mission" by treating adults with neurological diagnoses. I learn a lot from the patients and families that I serve, and the clinicians with whom I work. These interactions further inform my presentations and scientific writing.


I am dedicated to: (a) developing and testing approaches to improve movement after stroke and neurological disorders; and (b) communicating these and other approaches to busy clinicians, so that they can be immediately, effectively, and practically applied to patients.



March 2021



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